Travel guide to Bali

For Australian’s, one of the most popular holiday destinations is Bali. Bali actually consists of a few main regions.

Bali is one of over 17,000 islands off the coast of Indonesia. The island has a population of over 4 million people. The island is considered a paradise and is often called ‘paradise’ as well. The island is popular for beaches, water and sports such as diving and surfing.
Central Bali is a mountainous area of Bali and is considered to be the cultural center of the island.
South Bali is the most popular island for tourists and has the popular destinations such as Kuta Beach and chic Seminyak.
North Bali houses what used to be the old capital city and has black sandy beaches.

In terms of climate, Bali varies from between 20 degrees to 33 degrees. The monsoon season occurs from December to March and during this time there are very heavy showers and high humidity.

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Travelling to the romantic city of Paris

One of the cities most featured in movies and famous for it’s Eiffel tower is the city of Paris, capital of France. Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in the world.

Paris has a population of over 12 million people and has one of the largest population concentration in Europe. The city is also well known for being the center for fashion and arts and some of the worlds biggest luxury brands such as Chanel, Lancome and Louise Vuitton are based there.

Paris has a climate which is typical of a western European city with cold winters and hot summers.

There are many major events during the year that attract thousands of visitors to the city. One of the biggest is the French Open which happens in May and June. Other big events include Chinese new year and Spring Fashion Week.

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Tips for choosing the right running shoe

Shoes help us lower the impact on our feet and legs when walking and running so it is therefore important to make sure you are picking the most suitable shoe for your feet. Here are some key tips to ensure you are making the correct choice.

Firstly, choose a shoe fit for the purpose you are purchasing it for. If you need running shoes, do not purchase basketball shoes. Get both shoes if you intend on doing both activities.

Secondly, make sure you understand the size and shape of your foot. A good way to do this is to wet your foot and then step on a piece of paper. You can then see how your foot forms on the piece of paper and hence if you have high arches or flat feet.

If you have high arches, you need to select shoes with a lot of support. If you have low arches then choose shoes which are wider and don’t have arch support.

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How contact lens are made

Contact lens are one of the modern inventions that have really helped many people. Wearing glasses is not something that people want for many reasons such as playing contact sports or purely for vanity reasons. With the invention of contact lens, it allowed people to live a glasses free life.

Contact lens are made differently depending on the type of contact lens. There are both hard and soft contact lens however over recent years, soft contact lens have become the more popular choice.

The material used to make contact lenses are what they call hydrogel plastic polymers. These plastics absorb water and have a soft feel to it. They can be made in a number of ways. The first way is using lathe cutting where the plastic is mounted on a shaft and a computer cutting machine will precision cut it to shape. The second method is via injection molding where the plastic is melted and then injected into a mould and cooled.

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Dell releases the XPS 10 tablet

The move these days is towards tablets and hybrid tablet PC’s and that’s exactly what the Dell XPS 10 is. The device is a netbook when the tablet is docked and a great tablet PC when it is not.

The Dell XPS 10 is purchased as a tablet buy itself however you can also purchase the optional keyboard dock. This dock includes a battery which doubles the battery life of the machine. The XPS 10 runs on Windows RT and also comes with Microsoft Office 2013 built in. One key issue with the device however is that it cannot run Windows applications. This lack of ability to install Windows applications is probably the biggest downside to the product.

The tablet itself is 10.1 inches in size and has a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB of RAM. It comes with either 32GB or 64GB of flash memory. The XPS 10 has a front and rear facing camera with the front being 2MP and the rear being 5MP.

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Lenovo announces it’s first Chromebook

Lenovo has revealed it’s first Chromebook called the ThinkPad X131e.

There have been a number of Chromebook device releases and this is the first from Lenovo but will only be targeted at schools. It is unusual for the company to offer a device targeted at schools as they normally target Business uses with their devices.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chrombook is designed to be tough and roughed and aimed at staff and students. They are designed with rubber bumper protection and reinforced corners and reinforced hinges.

The advantage of these Chromebooks is that they boot quickly and don’t have the costs associated with owning a windows machine. The ThinkPad’s have an education suite from Google Apps and has the ability to create spreadsheets, documents, slide shows and more. The device also has HDMI and VGA ports to give presentations.

The device has a 11.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 767.

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Internet shopping changes fashion trends

The world has become one big global economy, and with internet shopping, fashion trends have started to not exist in any big way at all anymore.

Rewind a few years ago and we used to see one major design factor dominate that seasons of clothing. This was because fashion in Australia was influenced mostly locally by local trends, seasons and designs. With the way online shopping has opened us up to the worlds trends, our own local trends have no longer had the same impact.

With stores like ASOS, BooHoo and The Iconic, we are starting to see trends earlier and faster than before. Online business generally have huge warehouses which can store a bigger range of clothing and therefore can accommodate fashion from around the world.

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Click and Collect Dan Murphy’s style

Dan Murphy’s has had huge growth in their online shopping numbers and this has given them good reason to expand the technology and in turn, options to consumers when purchasing. The growth in Dan Murphy’s has come from heavy promoting throughout the internet and offering a Dan Murphys promo voucher frequently which gives a consumer free shipping.

One of the new technologies that they have just brought to their website is something called Click and Collect which already exists in stores like Dick Smith.

Rather than buy it and get it shipped online, Click and Collect allows you to do all your shopping online, place it all in the cart, and get it ready for you to collect from your nearest physical store.

There benefits of this is that you can shop for as long as you please from the comfort of your own home where you have the internet to help you research what you need.

US retail sales slow dramatically

In a sign of the fragility of the global economic recovery, SpendingPulse has advised that retail sales during the holiday period only grew 0.7 percent from the period 28th of October through to the 24th of December. This is in comparison to how the economy fared during the same period last year where it grew 2 percent.

A number of factors contributed to the slowdown in the economy. The first is the well publicised potential increases in taxes due to the impending fiscal cliff. The second is the bad weather which meant many postponed or completely decided against shopping.

A survey revealed that consumer confidence fell to a five month low in December. Luxury goods sales also were poor performers which is usually the case during a depressive period.

In Australia, retail sales for December have not yet been released however it is expected that retail sales did pick up during this period. There has been an increase in online shopping which is taking a bigger slice of the pie. Stores like The Iconic have reported excellent sales during December and who, unlike bricks and mortar stores, can offer incentives such as a The Iconic coupon.

Expedia causes headache for a hotel

A couple who operate a hotel in Mexico have had a headache ever since they listed their site on Expedia.

The first issue that they have encountered is that Expedia has shown their website as sold out all year even though it’s not. This has meant that many people searching for a hotel in their area are simply going to competitors.

The second issue is that Expedia have listed the details of their accommodation incorrectly and advising customers that the hotel has facilities that it does not have. This has led to angry customers at the hotel when they realise the facilities they were told were available are actually not.

The hotel has tried numerous times to get the details changed and when changes have been made, new errors have arisen.

The hotel is now suing Expedia for loss of income. The hotel owners claim they have lost thousands of dollars due to cancelled reservations.

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Boxing day sales kick off

Retail has stalled over the last couple of years but the boxing day sales have given the Australian retail industry a bit of a jolt. Despite the doom and gloom worldwide, hundreds of thousands of shoppers flooded stores nationwide in the hunt for bargains.

Reports from around the nation told of many carpark accidents, long lines and massive crowds for boxing day sales.

Outside Myer and David Jones biggest main stores in the city, nearly 1000 people queued during the dark hours to get into the stores at their 5am opening.

Stores have reported that the splurge was a lot more than anyone had expected and a great end to the year for a retail market struggling to survive the onslaught of overseas stores and online offerings.

Online stores started their sales early. Places like The Mens Shop offered incentives to consumers such as a The Mens Shop coupon to entice spending.

Online shopping hits $7 Billion in the US

In the US, it has been reported by market analyst ComScore that online shopping has grown 13 percent this holiday season over last year to hit a massive seven billion dollars worth of business. The period that was measured was from the 8th of December through to the 14th of December.

This huge total brings the total spend of American consumers this holiday season to a gigantic 33.8 billion dollars. This value is 13 percent more than was speant last year and a good indication that that consumer confidence is growing in the country.

Analysts predict that the huge spending will continue right up to the Christmas holidays with many predicting one of the best years for a long time. The great numbers are helping online retailers gain some ground after a number of years of flat sales.

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How do moisturisers work

One of the most common health problems experienced by people is the problem of dry skin. The solution that the average person goes for is moisturiser however the problem is that with all the thousands of choices out there, a person will find it difficult to know which one to pick unless they know a few key facts on how moisturisers work.

Moisturisers are applied to the skin and they are commonly used to replace the natural oils in the skin. They also cover the fissures in the skin and provide a film over the skin. The primary effect of the moisturiser is to slow the evaporation of the skin’s moisture. It therefore slows the hydration of the skin, improving the appearance and feel of the skin.

There are 4 key steps in the way moisturiser works. Firstly it repairs the skin barrier, increases the water content, reduces TEWL and restores the lipid barriers capability of holding water.

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Buying clothing online hits record numbers

One of the main online shopping has taken so long to catch on in Australia is because the benefits of doing so have not really outweighed going into a bricks and mortar store enough. It was especially unattractive for purchasing items such as sunglasses and clothing as these are the types of goods that a consumer prefers to try on and model in front of a mirror.

The value proposition of buying online was never enough to catch on in the past. Consumer behavior is changing however with some online stores rethinking the online shopping process and even borrowing successful models from overseas stores.

The way that stores are bringing consumers online in droves now is by offering excellent purchasing conditions coupled with great prices. Conditions offered by stores such as Surfstitch include allowing you to return after 100 days and offering free shipping. They also make purchasing with them by frequently offering a Surfstitch coupon which gives you more discounts.

The global economy makes the world shrink

Retail times have certainly changed. Gone are the days where our leading retailers such as Myers and David Jones competed with other local retailers for the almighty consumer dollar.

The retailers have now deal with an economy that, thanks to the internet, has brought stores from all over the world to our shores. Not only do they have to deal with worldwide retailers, they have to fend of stores like BooHoo who try to attract consumers with the use of a BooHoo coupon to win their money.

Having such strong competition from low cost, experienced internet retailers from around the world has made life very difficult for local retailers. They have been forced to enter a world which is still currently in it’s infancy in Australia. The bucket of cold water has been thrown over Australian retailers due to the meteoric rise of the Australian dollar which has made goods from overseas dirty cheap compared to local prices.

The question that is left to be answered is, who will be strong enough to survive?

Purchasing contact lens online

It is a known issue as a child growing up, that requiring glasses can in some cases, interfere with a child’s performance at school. Quite often, a child will generally be scared or deterred from wearing glasses to avoid the risk of being called names such as four eyes, coke bottles, etc.
It is therefore appropriate, in some cases, for a parent to allow an old enough child to wear contacts lens to school. There are a number of benefits to this. Not only will the child have a higher level of confidence, but the child will also be able to participate in yard activities and sports.

Contact lens are now extremely easy to purchase online. The best method is to go into an optometrist and get your eyes checked to find out what your prescription is. You will also need to know what sort of shape your eye is to ensure you buy the correct contact lens. You can then visit online stores like Vision Direct with a Vision Direct coupon and get a great deal on contact lens.

Online shopping and payments in Australia

Online shopping in Australia is booming. The country as seen the market grow in the last couple of years exponentially. In the past, online shopping had a wide range of issues which kept consumers away.
One of the main reasons why many people kept away from online shopping was the fact that there was a significant cost in delivery of goods. This would be compounded if you had an issue with the product and had to return it. Many stores did not allow you to return for free, you would have to post it in.
Another barrier was payments for goods. Many did not trust the security around online payments and were not comfortable submitting their details online understandably.
This has changed over the last few years however, with stores like Style Tread offering free delivery as well as free returns. Online shopping also has the bonus of giving consumers the opportunity to use coupons. For example, you can get a styletread coupon which will significantly reduce the cost of your purchase.

Online shopping is definitely growing larger and looks like it will grab a huge chunk of the retail market over the next few years.

Samsung are onto a couple of winners

Samsung have had a huge amount of success with their  flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 and it looks like the success of the company will be followed up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was an unlikely success as it was considered too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet. What it was able to achieve was the ability to create it’s own little niche that turned out to be quite a large niche.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has gotten off the a bigger start than it’s predecessor, selling 3 million units in 3 weeks. The device has been given the nickname of “Phablet” as it’s between a phone and and tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has shipped over 30 million units and has performed better than anyone had expected of it. The device is expected to continue is strong sales through the holiday shopping season.

The iPad Mini

The Apple iPad mini is a smaller version of the iPad, and apart from that, there isn’t too much that needs to be said about a device that greatly replicates it’s larger sibling.

The screen on the iPad mini is 7.9 inches diagonally making it 35 percent larger than devices offered by Amazon and Google. The iPad min’s screen has the same number of icons available on the screen which is four columns and six rows.

One of the biggest advantages of the new mini iPad is how light the device is. The device is 11 ounces which is 21 percent lighter than similar category devices such as the Kindle Fire HD. It is also 9 percent lighter than the Nexus 7. The iPad mini is also thinner than both the devices. The great size means that the device is easy to carry and store in a pocket.

One big drawback of the device is that it lacks the Retina display which is on the regular iPad.